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What’s Furlong’s Healthy Horse?

Furlong’s Healthy Horse is intended to make the process of keeping your horse healthy as simple as possible. The program is available only to clients of B.W. Furlong & Associates and Peak Performance Equine Services. Prescriptions are not taken from outside veterinarians.

After one of our veterinarians has seen your horse and prescribed a product, the order process is fast and easy. You simply place the order with FHH – online, by email, or by phone call, we obtain the veterinary approval on your behalf, charge your credit card, and your product is on its way to you. Over 85% of our orders ship same day and arrive the next day! No more waiting for faxes and signatures, not being sure of the treatment instructions, or waiting for products to ship from Massachusetts or Tennessee. Our business model is designed so that when you are in Florida, your products can ship from Ocala, and when you are in New Jersey, your products can ship from Pennsylvania! You can take full confidence in knowing that the products we sell and ship are approved by the veterinarians that know what is best for your horse!

To register online, you’ll need to know your account number – this can be found on any statement or invoice from B.W. Furlong & Associates or Peak Performance Equine Services. Once you submit your account, it is reviewed and activated, at which point you will get an email notification stating you can login.